Josephine Duncan

The 21 year old Thai-American artist Josephine Duncan has written, produced, and recently released single “Waiting for You.” The song is a classic R&B / soul song celebrating the rise of young love in the City of Angels. With a blend of chill, soulful, and R&B vibes, the song has put Thailand on the map and added a romantic twist to the modern music scene. It all started when the song went viral on Capcut, a popular video editing app, where thousands of couples used it as a soundtrack for the alphabet dating trend. The message of the song is simple yet inspiring: waiting for the right person to love and trust is always worth it. “Waiting for You” is a perfect melody to create long-lasting memories with your loved one and groove to its tunes this fall!


Artist Writes and Records in Haunted Houses

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Josephine Duncan

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