Joe Nevix

Giosue Ciraolo aka Joe Nevix, was born in Messina in 1992. Like so many young people eager to pursue new passions, he approaches electronic music at the age of 20 through the use of computer software.

joe nevix

After its first productions released on various labels, he finds success with the track “Detroit” produced in collaboration with the DJ Producer ASCO. The piece was on top of the electro house beatport ranking for several weeks! After “Detroit” it’s time to “La Banda” with Luca Martinelli, the track received support from Gregor Salto, Don Diablo and many other djs. In 2015 he joins an historical radio of his city, Radio Messina Sud, where he manages and conducts his own radio show “Nevix on Air”, increaingly followed in the electro music scene.

Today Nevix works to establish his name in the international scene with unpredictable productions!

“Stay tuned …To be continued”

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Joe Nevix – Giosue Ciraolo

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