Italian Composer Edoardo Gastaldi’s artistic vision, “I Am Here and You Are Mine”

Nashville based Virmedius meets the renowned Italian music composer Edoardo Gastaldi in order to dive deeper into the creative triggers of his music.

Virmedius : “We had the pleasure of assisting you in the promotion of your new piano release “I Am Here and You Are Mine”. What’s the meaning behind the music?”

Edoardo : “Thank you for hosting me in this interview. I’ll be straightforward. As it happens for most of my music creations: this is a gift. This music is a gift for a person who was “here” at a time when I needed such a presence. The title, then, finds inspiration from the work of a friend. The Broken Cradle’s musical composition: “You Are Here and I Am Yours”. I like to think that the two pieces of music resonate, somehow. Both “I Am Here and You Are Mine” (Edoardo Gastaldi) and “You Are Here and I Am Yours” (The Broken Cradle) express the relevance of bonds between people. Even if society teaches us to be strong, and to do all by ourselves, human nature craves the need to feel vulnerable. We will eventually accept the fact that we are beautiful and loved, even in our brokenness.
In my music in general, it’s all about these what’s and not’s. About impermanence, about beauty, about gentleness, about flaws, about eyes that are like portals. About the smell of the asphalt while I’m walking you home (Thanks, Marko, for instilling in me this view). About the whispers and the things not said. It’s all about this, it always was and forever will be.”

Virmedius : “I see your music is taking a marked direction. With delicate notes, it explores the worlds of awareness and depth. With these instrumental whispers, you scream to the world the need to “see” the beauty and impermanence of things. How would you sum all of these philosophical perspectives up?”

Edoardo : “I often think of why I compose music, and especially why I compose this kind of music. It all is a mix of noir, symbolism, decadentism, hope, a bit of romance, and a lot of positive melancholy. This is what I feel of me, of my music.”

Virmedius : “Do you think that – in your artistic path, the collaboration with us at Virmedius is helping to give the right value to your music?”

Edoardo : “It indeed helps. From the very first collaboration regarding my piano track “Quadrifogli”, then on “Coelum Enim Hoc in Deo Consistit”, and now with “I Am Here and You Are Mine”, I always felt at home with the vibrant and dynamic environment of Virmedius. Hopefully, this collaboration between us can lead to wonderful successes in the long term. May be for the better. Thank you for having me here.”

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Italian Composer Edoardo Gastaldi

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