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Indi Faulkner is a Los Angeles-based performer and songwriter with a natural skill for blending dream pop, singer-songwriter, and jazz sounds into emotional, unique personal pieces. She’s performed, studied, and written music nearly all her life in Seattle and San Francisco. Indi now attends USC’s Thornton School of Music in LA, where she studies Jazz Vocal Performance. Her current bookings include shows in LA and San Francisco throughout 2022.

Indi Faulkner

Reality’ is a psychedelic, intimate song in the spirit of Weyes Blood, Mitski, and the 70s singer-songwriter era. The song pokes around in unknown spaces like isolation, delirium, and subtle moments when we’re feeling not quite present and a bit more there than here. Reality is a steady climb through a dreamscape of blended voices, guitars, retro synths, and drums that reaches for a conclusion but ultimately ends more confused than it starts. ‘I was originally inspired during the lockdown as the days started repeating and grew more strange and monotonous than anything I’d ever experienced. I wanted the song’s repetition to reflect that and I also wanted the layers throughout to change and keep building.

I also connected with my recent seizure episodes because I found the disconnect with reality felt very similar. I hope listeners find something in the song that echoes their own experience and eases them.’ – Indi Faulkner.

‘Reality’ was recorded and mixed at Tiny Telephone studios in Oakland, California, with Indi producing, Danielle Goldsmith engineering and mixing, and featuring Daniel Pearce on drums.’ ‘Reality’ was mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Studios in Madison, Wisconsin.

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