How to put Music on YouTube

If you’re wondering how to put music on YouTube, you’ve come to the right place. Usually when a distributor uploads your music to YouTube, your Song and Video are labeled as a “Topic” video, on a “Topic” Channel. This does not look professional and in most cases people think it is a fake YouTube Channel.

But Fear Not! 🙂 It is FREE to create your own YouTube Channel and upload your own music. When we promote an artist’s music we want to promote YOU! Not a fake looking “Topic” channel.

If you already have a gmail account then you are already done with the hard part! All you have to do now is:

Log into your gmail account on a website browser.

Then on the same website browser go to

Your icon should already be in the top right corner of the website page if you are signed into gmail, or you can click “Sign in” and set up your account. The YouTube account is set up with gmail account since Google owns YouTube.

You do NOT need to make a fancy video to put on your YouTube Channel. In our years of marketing music on YouTube we have seen that videos that are a still picture get just as much traffic as produced music videos.

Uploading Your Video To YouTube

At the top right corner of the YouTube Home Page you will see a camera with a + sign in the camera. Click on the camera, then click “Upload Video.” It will walk you through the steps to upload your video. Then you are done! I would recommend letting people comment on your video and NOT using the “Made for Kids” setting because it restricts your audience.

how to put music on youtube free

How to put Music on YouTube Free

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