How to get Sponsors

Sponsorships and endorsements are a great way for brands to gain visibility and reach their target audience. It can also be a great way for influencers and celebrities to monetize their fame and increase their income.

Getting a sponsorship or endorsement deal can bring tremendous value to both the brand and influencer. It allows the brand to gain access to an engaged audience, while the influencer can benefit from increased exposure, higher income, more opportunities, and more recognition.

In order to get sponsors, it is important for influencers to build relationships with potential sponsors. They should also have a clear understanding of what they are offering in return for the sponsorship or endorsement deal.

Getting a sponsor or endorsement deal requires careful planning and strategy. You need to identify potential sponsors, research their needs, create an effective pitch, and negotiate the terms of the deal. Once you have secured a sponsorship or endorsement deal, it is important to maintain good communication with your sponsors and keep them updated on your progress. This will ensure that your relationship remains strong and beneficial for both parties involved.

My uncle has been in the sponsorship world for most of his life. In fact, before there was such thing as product placement he was part of the team that pitched the idea to film producers to allow products to pay to have their products featured in films. The story goes, they pitched the idea to Mars (M&M) and they turned down the idea. Then they went to a new candy company and they loved the idea. So their new candy was featured in E.T., Reeses Pieces. His specialty is the 6 and 7 figure deals to sponsor events like College Gameday, CMA Fest, artists tours, etc.

One of the very first questions he asks whenever being presented with an artist looking for sponsorships is, “What is their reach?” In other words, how many fans do they have? How many eyes are going to see the Capital One, Home Depot, Jack Daniels logo/brand? Because that’s why these companies are paying the big bucks. Sure, you may not have millions of fans, yet. BUT….there are also a ton of small business’s that can not afford to pay 6 or 7 figures to be a sponsor.

So the question is, is there a happy median for both the artist and the business? Maybe there is a small business in your area that will pay you monthly to post about their business. Even if it’s $100 a month, that could add up over time and help you pay for expenses, and help give the small business more exposure.

What can you offer a business? Put your thinking cap on:

  • The companies Logo and Link (leading people to their webpage) on your website? If you don’t have a website we can create an Artist page on Like This –
  • You can post once a week about the company on your social media account
  • Have the sponsor’s banner at your shows
  • Do you have a single on YouTube? You can add “Sponsored by ____________” in the YouTube Video Title and we can created ads for the video so the video gets even more ears on your music, and eyes on the Sponsor’s Name.

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How To Get Sponsors

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