How to Book Shows as an Independent Artist in 2023

We’ve scoured the internet looking for websites that not only show you how to book shows as an independent artist, but also how to easily submit to play at venues. Touring used to be the biggest money maker for an indie artist. At a time when there was no such thing as “streaming music,” the main way for an indie to really distribute their music was to sell physical product at their live shows. Now that we live in a world of streaming platforms, that seems to have changed. Not too long ago a producer told me that their artists don’t even tour, they focus all their efforts on Spotify Streams. This made me wonder if indie venues are desperate for talent.

If you have any personal recommendations please add them in the comment section below and we will make sure to add them to the list. Or if you have a venue you would like to mention, we can even start a list of venues on this page 🙂


Gigmor is an incredible way for indie artists to submit to play at venues and open for touring artists. If you navigate to their Gigs tab you can enter the location you would like to play a show and a list of available options comes up. For the most part it looks like the people you are submitting to are live promoters or booking agencies that are looking for local bands to open the show. This is a great way for an indie artist or band to get their foot in the door with the venue and the promoter or booking agent!

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How To Book Shows

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