How to Become an Influencer

Are you wondering how to become an influencer on social media? Brands will sometimes pay, or give product to, influencers to market ( post ) about their products if they have a big enough following. So a good first step to becoming an influencer is to build an audience

Your audience also needs to be followers that interact with your posts – Not Fake Follower Accounts. A business that is paying you to promote their product will look at your posts to see if people “like” and “comment” on the posts. Because if people don’t, that looks like you paid a company to give you a lot of fake followers which means that is less people looking at their product they are paying you to promote.

Define the reason people will want to become your audience. Scroll through your social media and see which posts people seem to like the most. What about that post makes people like it? Is it shot differently, more cinematic, are you singing/playing an instrument, are you being funny in the post? It might be a good idea to begin putting out more content like the post people gravitate towards.

A phenomenal way to grow your following is to follow the followers of accounts that are similar to yours. Do NOT follow the followers of Celebrity Accounts. You will follow a ton of fake accounts and accounts that people no longer use. If you are a band or musician, find other bands in your area that are active on instagram and follow 20 of their followers a day. NOTE : Do not be too aggressive with this tactic or instagram will ban your account. Twitter is VERY sensitive so I would only follow 5 accounts a day. But if you target an account of another local band, you might pick up some more local people that are fans of the same type of music as yours that will interact with your posts, and might come to your shows.

Make your posts appealing at first site. Influencer Drummer Kristina Rybalchenko does a phenomenal job of making her posts instantly eye catching. She creates a great atmosphere in the room she records in using colored lights which instantly attracts attention. Then her talent keeps her audience engaged.

How to Become an Influencer
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Be proactive on social media, but don’t over do it and post anything just to post. Post a picture or a video that you think will captivate your audience.

Reply to people when they comment on your posts.

Submit your music to Spotify Curators to see if they will add your song to their Spotify Playlists. You can submit music free on our Free Spotify Playlist Submission page. 🙂

Submit your music to Music Blogs.

One quick and easy way to make money being an influencer is through local sponsorships. You can go to a local business owner that you know and work with them to come up with a monthly fee for them to pay in exchange for you posting about their store / product a certain amount of times a month. Sure, you might not make a living doing it this way but even at $60 a month, that’s better than nothing. And truth be told that might be a better business model and payout than a lot of the affiliate and ambassador deals offered to influencers. We’ve received influencer deals where companies send boxes of shirts, socks, energy drinks, etc. It’s a nice gesture, but I’d rather get some money to promote a local company.

These are just a couple ideas to help get your influencer engine moving. We hope it helps!

How to Become a Music Influencer

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