Hometown Haunts

In Development

Every week in October, Country Stars take us back to their stomping grounds to visit their Hometown Haunts.

Every episode features a new location and a different artist. 

In each hour long episode the country artist will give the audience a brief tour and history of their hometown. The tour leads to their most haunted location where a producer informs the artist that they will be staying at the haunted location overnight. While filming overnight the artist will tell ghost stories about the paranormal claims surrounding the location, along with any personal experiences they have had. One theory about the “paranormal” is that music triggers activity, so artists will play acoustic ballads in hopes of enticing activity. We already have an artist that wants to see if they can make contact with the entity that inspired their most haunting ballad.

Audiences will have the chance to get to know their favorite stars on a level they never expected, when they see them come face to face with the paranormal.

Sure, we can come up with countless cheesy soundbites for this topic but one fact can not be denied….everyone likes a good ghost story during Halloween. Add in their favorite artists and it seems like a no brainer. 

Hometown Haunts is shot as a documentary and the main host in each episode is the featured artist. But when things go bump in the night, the artist will break the fourth wall to speak with a producer, Austin Cook, about what exactly is going on and how/if they should proceed.

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