Heather Taddy

Heather Taddy’s noticeable enthusiasm for the odd and unknown landed her a role as a field investigator and documentarian on 4 seasons of A&E’s Paranormal State. 30289928020_64994943e8_k.jpgWhile studying Film and French at Penn State, Taddy was inspired to join the world-renowned PRS, after attending a college lecture by Lorraine Warren. A year later she would find herself working alongside the legendary clairvoyant.

From leading her friends on excursions with a video camera to explore haunted locations, to eavesdropping on her older brother playing with a Ouija board, Taddy clearly got into this field for the thrill of it. When she isn’t alone in a creepy basement talking to herself, Taddy is a musician, horror movie fan and roller skating queen.

She recently wrapped filming on a new project that will premiere in summer 2019.