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Heather Taddy had a noticeable enthusiasm for the unknown which landed her a role as a field investigator and documentarian on 4 seasons of A&E’s Paranormal State. While studying Film at Penn State, Taddy joined PRS (Paranormal Research Society), after attending a college lecture by Lorraine Warren. A year later she would find herself working alongside the legendary clairvoyant. From leading her friends on excursions with a video camera to explore haunted locations, to eavesdropping on her older brother playing with a Ouija board, Taddy clearly got into this field for the thrill of it. When she isn’t alone in a creepy basement talking to herself, Taddy is a musician, horror movie fan, and a roller skating queen. She recently wrapped filming on a new project Alien Highway which began airing June 13 on the Travel Channel.



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Heather has most recently been filling in for her Paranormal State co-star Katrina Weidman on her Travel Channel series Portals to Hell. In Portals to Hell Katrina Weidman and Jack Osbourne travel to some of the most notoriously dark & sinister haunted locations that are said to be gateways to the spirit underworld. 



Alien Highway Travel Channel Heather Taddy
Travel Channel

In the series Taddy joins former law enforcement officer Chuck Zukowski and his son Daniel as they take a deep dive into some of the most mysterious UFO cases along America’s Alien Highway. Heather was nice enough to sit down with me so I could bombard her with questions about her findings.

Q: Tell me all the spoilers of the series, I promise I won’t say anything.

A: No

Although she was obligated by contract to keep her mouth shut…there was a twinkle in her eye that could only mean one thing….it’s allergy season. BUT, I also think she found some great evidence and I can’t wait to watch the series!! Keep up the good work Taddy Cakes!

Another paranormal series Heather Taddy and Katrina Weidman are working on independently is called Travel the Dead. <- Click the link to read more.

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