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The singer/songwriter best known for her heart aching, rhythmic lyrics and ethereal yet powerful voice is back.

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Heather McDowall is a singer/ songwriter from the East Midlands. Her songwriting journey started at 7 years old and her passion for music has always been evident. She first uploaded on Youtube back in 2017 and slowly gained popularity for her original songs and creative covers. A year later she uploaded her first single “Indigo eyes” and has been releasing music ever since. In recent years she has been on BBC introducing for her single “Small Village Big Town”, Had a guest appearance Live at The Basement on Leighs Musical Adventures, Additionally Heather has had two successful headlining gigs as-well as a London gig and has performed at the GlastonBudget Festival on the Loco, Vip, Icon and MainStage.

Her new single “Place for me” is a more intimate and refreshing look into the artist experiences growing up. “Place for me is all about the journey I went through as a kid, being autistic did not making growing easy for me I faced challenges socially, emotionally and physically. What I hope with this song is I can be voice for many challenged individuals who feel or have felt like an outcast and faced loneliness.” – Heather McDowall

Heather illustrates in “Place for me” the difficulties in being alone in thoughtful and beautifully raw setting the cyclical journey of troubled adolescence waiting to find their voice is a poignant throughout. When listening to the track there is an ambient tone but as you dig deeper the hard hitting and gut wrenching lyrics provoke emotional whirlwind for the listener.

Q: Since writing the song, do you feel like there is a “Place” for you now?

A: “Definitely, yes definitely. It’s funny actually recently I went to a party and I started feeling exactly how I felt when I was younger, I felt out of place and eaten up by the anxiety of not knowing what to say next, but then I remembered I have every right to be there, I was invited first of all, and secondly, I am worthy of any conversation however big or small, I am still human and I’m allowed to express myself. Also since turning 20 last year I noticed that the people you surround yourself with is so important and can have an impact on how you feel, if you don’t feel happy or have to hide parts of yourself to keep people happy there not your people. Luckily I’ve found my people and I am truly the happiest I have been in YEARS!”

Q: What advice would you give to people out there who are experiencing loneliness out there?

A: “I would say, although at this moment in time it doesn’t seem like it’s ever gonna get better, I promise you it will. Sadly a part of this is to do with the growing pains that come with youth but I can say that it is so SO important you still find time to love yourself, I know it’s easy to be self destructive but that isn’t and won’t get you anywhere trust me I know. Please remember everyday to at least say one good thing about yourself it will be hard at first but in the long run it will help you become the most confident coolest person that currently hiding inside that person is there waiting for you to love yourself so why wouldn’t you? Do it for them, do it for you and do it for your inner child.”

Q: What would you say to your younger self?

A: “Oh wow we are getting deep, I’m going to say something cryptic that no one else will get but me.. babs that white eyeshadow and cat ears aren’t the one. No I’m all seriousness I would just say it will happen, it does happen keep going I’m proud of you.”

Q: What is coming up for Heather McDowall?

A: “Well I’ve got some new music on the way very soon, also I have some gig dates yet to be announced which I’m very excited for but mostly just working on getting the most incredible music out to you lovely lot”

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Heather McDowall

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