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The Haunted Studio

This week we were at the historic Sound Emporium Studios on Belmont Blvd in Nashville TN. Nathan Walters is a music producer in the Capital Records building in Hollywood, CA and was hired to record voice overs for a new project Barry Cook (Mulan, Arthur Christmas, etc) is working on. While hearing the history of the sound emporium studios, I was curious if anyone had experienced anything “paranormal,” so I asked one of the workers. He was actually a skeptic, until he had his own experience while working at the Sound Emporium Studios. You can see the short episode and interview below.

Haunted Recording Studio.

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About Sound Emporium Studios

The story of Sound Emporium begins here when Jack Clement moves to Nashville. “Cowboy Jack” already had huge success at Sun Records in Memphis producing artists like Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Charlie Rich. In Nashville, Jack continued his production and publishing work under his company Jack Music…[read more]

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