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Forty five minutes south of Nashville, Tennessee there’s a city called Columbia, or as the locals refer to it …Muletown. 🙂 On the north side of Columbia there’s an 1800’s farmhouse riddled with history. The home was recently bought and completely renovated by successful Columbia business owner Debbie Cooper.

In this episode of The Haunted I’m writing at Debbie’s haunted farmhouse in Columbia, TN. I chose to write in the old smokehouse because there were plenty of spooky vibes so I thought I’d find a little inspiration. After a couple hours of recording some guitar tracks I decided to skype with Paranormal rock star Heather Taddy from Paranormal State & Portals to Hell to make sure my paranormal perspective was accurate.



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Artists Write in Haunted Houses

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About Debbie Cooper

IT ALL STARTED WHEN…Columbia local, Debbie Cooper, made a career switch and left her banking job to become a manager at a tiny coffee shop on Trotwood Avenue. She immediately began transforming the store with new ideas and community outreach. Within six months Debbie went from manager to owner of the store. In January of 2002 Buckhead Coffeehouse was unveiled and the public responded enthusiastically. They’ve evolved much over the years and their fan base (family) has continued to grow as well. Buckhead’s loyal regulars and friendly baristas create a warm and hospitable atmosphere that strives to make everyone feel welcome!

Buckhead Coffee received of flood of publicity when Buckhead Coffee manager Cassandra Coleman made it to the top 10 in American Idol.

Buckhead Coffee

But the buck did not stop there. (see what I did there?)

For years Columbian business owner, Debbie Cooper, wished for a spot to sit and sip on some Pinot Noir with friends in the evenings. When a friend of Debbie’s opened up an interior design store, “The Linen Duck,” in downtown Columbia and presented an opportunity to rent an adjoining space, Debbie knew what she wanted to create for our little town.

“I just knew I wasn’t the only one who wished for a place I could walk my dogs to and have a glass of wine or a latte outside with my friends… Really simple food, but prepared in a fresh, unique way.”

We opened our doors in October of 2018 and since then have had an outpouring of love and support by the community. Our purpose is to support our lovely city and give them healthier, curated options at a price everyone can enjoy. We’re always welcome to donating to a local cause and aim to serve everyone as equal. From mixed greens by Santa Fe’s Kindred Farm, fresh baguettes by FireFlour Bakery in Thompson Station, to crisp beer brewed at Little Harpeth in Nashville – we’re trying to keep it as local as possible.

We couldn’t do any of it without our talented employees who see this as more than a job, but as a way to showcase their talent and passion for their fellow man. Come in and spend an evening with us on a bustling Friday night or enjoy brunch and a mimosa on a lazy, Sunday afternoon. We can’t wait for you to experience our dream coming true and we’re beyond thankful that you’re a part of it.

Buck and Board

Haunted House in TN

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