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The Haunted Cherry Manor

Do not miss this Haunted House in Franklin, TN. Cherry Manor is said to be the most maliciously haunted houses in Franklin, Tennessee. It is one of the most anticipated stops on the Franklin on Foot Ghost Tour as spectators have captured photos of the paranormal staring back at them through Cherry Manor’s windows. The owner of Cherry Manor took us on a private tour in the middle of the night and let us interview her about all the activity that has taken place. We could not believe everything we were able to catch on camera.

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In this episode of The Haunted we are focusing on the question “What induces fear.” This question was brought up while writing a new horror feature. What better way to answer this question than to ask it in a haunted house where the sensation of “fear” is heightened. Think of the scariest movie you have ever seen…what made it scary to you? The music, the silence, being chased? We sat down with one of the owners of Cherry Manor and her friends to ask, what makes you feel fear?

The image below was given to me by the owner of Cherry Manor.

Cherry Manor Franklin TN

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Discover Franklin’s spirited past on the oldest ghost tour in Tennessee

For a hair-raising experience, join us on one of our haunted history tours in Franklin, Tennessee. We’ve been sharing local ghost stories since 2003, and we’ve got plenty. To research, we knocked on doors, scoured historical records, and simply listened when visitors said, “Yes, that’s happened to me too….”  We’ll share the best of the hundreds of accounts we’ve collected over the years. Our guides are born storytellers who will cause a chill to run down your spine. And if that doesn’t do it, wait until you see some of our photographs captured by visitors on tour. 

Haunted Franklin Tour

The family-friendly Haunted Franklin tour explores the ghosts and haunts that linger on the brick-lined streets and historic dwellings in charming Franklin, Tennessee. Departed socialites, a Civil War spy, failed businessmen, Confederate soldiers, and at least one dog roam downtown, and we spend an intriguing hour and a half with them. One is helpful, several appear lonely, and one seems to be afraid of the dark. We’ll visit 4-5 locations on our leisurely walk through Franklin. Bring your camera: you never know what you may catch. And we’ll show you the photos that other visitors have taken on our tours.

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Cherry Manor

Haunted House in Franklin TN – Stream Free

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