Half Giant

About Half Giant –

Behind the Holiday-themed project Half Giant is a musician and actor. Patrik Berg Almkvisth, better known under some of his other monikers like LUCHS, Silver Maple and Lo Mimieux, was born into a musical family. One of his earliest memories is falling asleep every Sunday under the grand piano his father was playing in church. Throughout his childhood, Patrik was surrounded by music and his interest continued to flourish as he later began studying music full time. After withdrawing from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, he continued his education within the arts by studying theatre at Calle Flygare Theatre School, Stockholm University and Linnaeus University. Nurturing two careers at once, Patrik splits his time between acting and producing, enjoying the synergetic effects of his two crafts. From acting he’s developed a deep understanding and experience of storytelling, a skill he brings with him into the studio. Where this multi-talented artist finds the time is anyone’s guess, but with his combined catalogue garnering more than 830 million streams on Spotify and counting, he seems to have it under control. “Consuming other art and observing my environment is a crucial part of the creative process. But it’s in the silence I find the most fertile soil for my own creativity to bloom.”.

Half Giant was featured in our Christmas Instrumental Music playlist.


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