Frida Maria is a Swedish/Danish artist, model, and actress from Västerås, Sweden, currently signed with Bentley Records. Her style of music is a mix of different genres, including Dream Indie Pop/Rock, New Age, World, and Electronic Sounds. Her unique way of writing is presented in a poetic way and is demonstrated throughout her songwriting and lyrics. Her inspiration comes from deep intuitive feelings based on her life experiences and emotions. She blends a lot of sounds and ideas into her own style and creates her music based on the current momentum and her state of mind. With the meditative sound of a voice, she creates a harmonic atmosphere for her listeners…[read more]

Her background comes from fashion modeling, and she started her modeling career in Australia at the age of 19 and got signed in Stockholm by an Agency that back then was called Zapmodels.

From attending fashion runway shows to TV commercials and print, she decided to educate herself within the arts in a more digital world and started her journey a few years later at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, Sweden. After six months she got her Diploma in Advertising/Design & Marketing…[read more]


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