Free Playlist Pitching

Free playlist pitching is a great way for artists to save money and invest some sweat equity into their music career.

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There are several benefits to pitching a song to a Curator’s Spotify Playlist:

Increased Your Music Exposure

Pitching a song to a popular playlist can expose the artist and their music to a much larger audience, potentially leading to increased streams, followers, and overall recognition.

Targeted Promotion

By pitching to a playlist that is relevant to the genre or style of music you create, you can target a specific audience who is more likely to be interested in your music.

Increased Visibility

When a song is included in a popular playlist, it becomes more visible to listeners, increasing the chances of it being discovered and added to individual playlists.

And worst case scenario, just the curator listens to the song. The curator has now seen your name, listened to your song and if they listen to more than 30 seconds, it counts as a stream! 🙂

Improved Discovery Algorithms

Spotify’s algorithms use various signals to determine which songs to recommend to listeners, and playlist placement can be a significant factor in these recommendations.

Overall, pitching a song to a Spotify playlist can help artists to build their brand and reach new audiences, and ultimately, lead to increased success and growth in their career. Some websites / apps require you to create a profile for their website but on Virmedius you do NOT. 🙂

How to Move Your Song to the Top of a Playlist

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Free Playlist Pitching

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