Erika Costell

What drives Erika Costell to be the model, artist, and business mogul that she has become? Erika started off on the opposite side of the lens working at a marketing management company. She implemented what she already knew, and what she learned, to create her own YouTube Channel. But the business education aspect did not end with marketing. Erika went on to major in business administration at MTSU before leaving to pursue her modeling career in LA. And if you’re one of her 3.4M followers on instagram or 4.11M subscribers on YouTube, you already know that modeling seemed to have worked out for her! 🙂

Erika Costell Music

Erika began releasing original music in 2017 when her song Jerika was featured on Billboard Hot 100 and Canadian Hot 100. She was signed by The Orchard then in 2020 she started her own record label, BIA Entertainment. Between juggling modeling, music, and business, she was able to win a Teen Choice Award in 2018!

The business genius is not limited to entertainment. Erika owns the clothing line AKIRE SPORT. The line is made for women with a busy lifestyle, and is designed by Erika from a lightweight luxury blend making it easy to layer without getting weighed down. Although it says AKIRE SPORT is designed in LA, we noticed a recent post of Erika sporting the jersey of our hometown Tennessee Titans… Titan Up! 🙂

With so much success, it’s hard to remember that Erika Costell was only born in 1992! This sounds like the resume of a person hitting retirement! So what drives Erika to be so successful that she’s received fame, fortune, awards, tons of press including an article in FORBES, more followers than the Pope, etc? Maybe she learned the meaning of “work ethic,” when she was growing up with 12 siblings in Michigan? Maybe in her humble beginnings she began to taste success and she used each small victory to snowball into more inspirational momentum. We don’t know…but one lesson we can learn from Erika is that gaining notoriety doesn’t happen by having the talent, or an idea, and sitting around waiting to be “discovered.” You have to strap on your business boots and bust your A$$!


Artist Writes and Records in Haunted Houses

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