Edoardo Gastaldi

Edoardo Gastaldi, class 1998, is a Pianist based in Venice, Italy.

edoardo gastaldi
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After several years of music studies, which provided him a formal training ranging from classical piano to music theory, in 2021 he started releasing his own compositions.
Despite being influenced by 17th-19th century pianists, his passion for experimentations led his music to become an ever-evolving equilibrium among Modern Classical, Ambient and Post-Rock Music.

The gloomy, distant harmonic sound-layers are often held together and brightened by leading instruments such as the piano and guitars.
His creations are inspired by the sounds of contemporary artists such as Johan Söderqvist, Hammock, Tony Anderson, Leonard Petersen, Atli Örvarsson, Stephen Porter, Sigur Rós and Nils Frahm.

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Edoardo Gastaldi

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