Dolly Parton Rock Star

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Years ago I was in a commercial with the legend herself, Dolly Parton. There were some kids in the commercial as well and before Dolly even got to set the director sat the kids and their parents down and instructed them not to have too much candy from craft services so they weren’t too hyper when Dolly arrived. Even though the instructions were directed at the kiddos I decided to be on my best behavior. 🙂

Well Dolly arrived and she was just as nice and funny as you have heard….nicer actually….and funnier. But the moment that will stick out to me for the rest of my life is when one of the little girls, (the one with the red bow in the picture) started singing Dolly’s song “Jolene” between takes. And believe it or not, Dolly started singing right along with her….holy cow. It was unbelievable.

Dolly didn’t even “take over” the song, she actually sang quietly as if the little girl was singing the lead and she was accompanying her. It was so freaking cute, and also surreal to be standing inches away from the person who was singing acapella the very song that she made so iconic.

It was a Christmas commercial and she gave everyone a Dolly Parton Christmas Tree ornament. Every year as we are decorating the tree I tell my wife my Dolly Parton story as if it’s the first time she’s hearing it. 🙂

dolly parton rock star
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Okay on to Dolly Parton Rockstar. Dolly Parton was nominated to be in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and she respectfully turned it down….total class. She didn’t want to take the place of other rock stars that had recorded rock albums. That being said…the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame respectfully turned down her rejection. 🙂 So she basically says, if I’m going to be in it, I’m going to work to deserve it. Dolly recorded a 30 song rock album entitled “Rock Star” and features Stevie Nicks, Paul McCartney, P!nk and many more. She is an absolute genius, instead of trying to make a statement, she decides to have some fun and work with some other legends!!

The album is set to release late summer / early fall.

Dolly Parton Rock Star

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