Dierks Bentley Black

Dierks Bentley & Director Wes Edwards cast me in a 4 video series promoting the Black album that released in 2016. I was the “Moon” or the “Bad Guy.” 🙂 Five years later, during the Covid quarantine, I was pretty bored so I made this video. I love the idea of following back up with the couple years after the “sexy love affair.” Lord knows the sex appeal wears off when the smoke clears and the farts fly.


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If you don’t understand the reference at the end:

“I’ve been gone,

I’ve been gone,

Sitting on the couch watching TV all day long…”

Is the lyric for the Dierks Bentley song “Gone.”

Dierks Bentley & Wes Edwards do not endorse this video 🙂

No Dierks Bentley music or footage was used in this video.

You can watch the full “Black” series and the additional silly video on this playlist:

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Dierks Bentley Black

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