A Song by Sunrise : Celebrities stay in Haunted Houses

Celebrity Artists stay in Haunted Locations seeking inspiration for their next song.

“When fear is recognized, the brain triggers your nervous system to release cortisol, adrenaline, dopamine, and other reactants in preparing your body for fight or flight.” – Northwestern Medicine Zachary Sikora, PsyD

A Song by Sunrise
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If fear releases a cocktail of chemicals into the brain…can it heighten an artists ability to write?

A Song by Sunrise is a Halloween TV series where celebrity artists use fear to unlock a new level of creativity. The Artists will stay at fear inducing locations seeking inspiration while writing their next song.

What starts out as a light hearted writing experiment turns into panic when they find out they are not allowed to leave the haunted house until they complete A Song by Sunrise. Everyone likes a good scary story, until you’re living in the nightmare.

A Song by Sunrise grants fans access like never before as they watch their favorite artists craft a song from scratch by using the location and fear as their inspiration.

From Haunted Houses, Mental Institutions, Morgues, and everywhere in between, these artists will be uprooted from their lavish studios and put to the test in a new horrifying environment.

The only thing better than getting scared, is watching someone else get scared. A Song by Sunrise aims to do both. The artist first hears about where they are staying as they travel to the location. Upon arrival at sunset the artist finds that the location has been set up like a Halloween Haunted House to help illustrate the horrific events that took place. Much like an escape room, the artist uses clues to piece together information in hopes that it will spark creativity to help them write their song. In keeping with the documentary aesthetic, the artist will be given a hand held camera to use as they break off to document any suspicious activity…or paranormal activity at the location.

Some artists will reach their breaking point and want to leave, some with become paralyzed with fear, but they will all complete a song by sunrise. The show ends with the artist playing their completed song as the sun begins to rise.

Celebrities stay in Haunted Houses
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celebrity at haunted house
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Celebrity in haunted house.



Artist Writes and Records in Haunted Houses

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celebrity in haunted house

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