Broghan has been gracing the stages of Glasgow City and Edinburgh ever since she could drink….14. Just kidding, I don’t know if she drinks, but I did just Google the legal drinking age in Scotland and the main text said, “Children under the age of five are not allowed to consume alcohol.” Okeedokee…if I were going to be a Doctor that specializes in liver failure, I’d open a clinic in Edinburgh. 😂 I’m kiddingggg Okay back to the super talented Broghan. This super cute youngster has more soul than a cemetery… that’s a Halloween reference, since we are on the footsteps of all hallows eve. I first heard Broghan’s song Don’t Whisper, and was thinking, “Okay this is a nice arrangement, very vibey, a soundtrack ready for Mike Flanagan’s next series.” Then I was smacked across the ear canals with the vocal tone of an Angelic Aguilera, you know….Christina’s sister. Her range is incredible, tone is perfect, and you’ll be singing her melodies as you drift to sleep.

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