Best Pizza in Nashville

City House – Gourmet ($19-$21 per Pizza)

Five Points Pizza – New York Style ($14 – 26 per Pizza)

Five Points Pizza Nashville

Desano Pizza – Gourmet ($14 – 26 per Pizza)

312 Pizza Company – Chicago Deep Dish ($16 – $30 per Pizza)

The story of our pizza starts in the Little Italy neighborhood of Chicago where our grandmother was taught how to make pizza sauce and dough from a friend, whose family owned a local pizzeria.  Over the years, our family has enjoyed these recipes and we’re proud to share them with you here in Nashville.

Since we would never serve guests food that we wouldn’t eat ourselves, it’s important to us to make everything from scratch or source certain items locally. And because everything is made fresh when you order, it might take a little longer than other places, but we promise you that the wait will be worth it.

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