Best Horror Websites and Blogs – The Best Movies, News, Reviews

Best Horror Websites and Blogs for breaking news on new Horror Movies, News, Trailers, Reviews, and more.

Dread Central

Dread Central was started in 2006 and is a great source for horror news, interviews and reviews on horror films, comics, novels and toys.


Bloody Disgusting

Bloody Disgusting was started in 2001 and is known for producing the VHS trilogy of anthology horror films. Their horror website covers films, video games, comics, and music.

Wicked Horror

Wicked Horror is a premiere online destination for interviews, horror news, true crime, free movies, reviews and more.


iHorror specializes in keeping viewers up dated on the best horror movies on different streaming platforms. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Etc

Artists Write in Haunted Houses

Scream Horror Magazine

Scream Horror Magazine is the Number 1 print and digital horror magazine in the world bringing you horror news, interviews, reviews, previews, trailers and more.

Upcoming Horror Movies

Upcoming Horror Movies has been letting its viewers know about Upcoming Horror Movies since 1999.

Uproar Pictures

Uproar Pictures gives their audience a look at some of the best indie releases in the horror genre.

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