Best Horror Movies on YouTube

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The Mimic

A classic Korean ghost story gets a horrifying new spin in THE MIMIC, as the mother of a missing child takes in a lost girl she finds in the woods and soon begins to wonder if she is even human.

Best Horror Movies on YouTube
Studio Dream Capture

The Lazarus Effect

A group of medical researchers discover a way to bring dead patients back to life.

free Horror Movies on YouTube
Blumhouse Productions

Gonjiam Haunted Asylum

Two boys are recording their exploration of the abandoned Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, where rumor states that the ping pong-loving director of the hospital killed all of the patients and went missing. The two head to Room 402, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which no one has been able to open before. They try to open the door but suddenly hear a ping pong ball. Their broadcast abruptly ends but not before catching a glimpse of a ghostly face. After seeing news of the teenagers’ disappearance, Ha-Joon, owner of YouTube channel “Horror Times”, decides to explore the building.


The anthology is framed by stop-motion-animated segments depicting a walking dollhouse with a blinking doll face on it. A doll hand separate, but also living, moves from its drawer and scurries around collecting items the dollhouse finds. Within its interior, various objects and items are shown including: a cabinet where bugs and moths enter acting as a stomach of sorts, a room with living sewing needles that make tiny tapestries, and a room with a morphing apple that seems to act as the dollhouse’s heart. Eventually, the dollhouse finds a small blackbird (whether it is stuffed or an actual dead bird is ambiguous). The dollhouse places the bird into a baby doll and upon it crying immediately removes the bird and enters a room with an unconscious girl. The girl has a small door on her chest and the dollhouse places the bird inside it. After a while, the girl awakens, pleasing the dollhouse. Directed by Sofia Carrillo

And Then It Goes Dark

And Then It Goes Dark is an unscripted real found footage movie where two people stay at Historic Elm Springs in order to rehearse for their upcoming film only to find that they are not alone. This is a true story paranormal horror caught on camera.

The Novel Haunting

While struggling with suicidal thoughts, Maya is sent to a remote location for therapy where she discovers, it’s not just her daughter that is haunting her.


The film opens when Sophie Wynsfield is awakened by her mother, Helena (Rosie Fellner), screaming, supposedly after murdering her husband. Kate Fuller (Olga Kurylenko), a criminal psychologist, is called by Detective McCarthy to diagnose Helena and deduce whether to commit her to a mental institute. Upon interviewing both Helena and Sophie, both insist that Mr. Wynsfield was killed by the sleep demon, Mara. Kate signs to have Helena committed.


The pregnant Jessabelle “Jessie” Laurent (Sarah Snook) is about to move to her fiancé, Mark’s (Brian Hallisay) house when their car is hit by a truck just when they are backing up their car from the driveway, killing Mark and causing Jessie’s miscarriage. Two months afterward, Jessie, who now uses a wheelchair, moves in with her estranged father, Leon (David Andrews) in St. Francisville, Louisiana. She resides in her mother’s former bedroom. Her mother, Kate, died due to a brain tumor shortly after she was born, with Leon subsequently leaving her to be raised by her aunt.

The Atticus Institute

In the early 1970s, Dr. Henry West (William Mapother) founded the Atticus Institute in rural Pennsylvania, hoping to find evidence that proves supernatural abilities such as ESP are real. Despite the best work of West and his aides, however, every subject that comes to the institute seeming to display such abilities are ultimately proven to be frauds. The team is demoralized in their work by the time Judith Winstead (Rya Kihlstedt) is brought to the institute by her sister Margaret, who is troubled by her disturbing behavior. The tests immediately proves to be no challenge for Judith’s incredible power, the team gradually introduces new tests that show her to possess even greater abilities than first imagined.

Apartment 1303

A modern ghost story which turns a love/hate relationship between mother and daughter into a tale of horror. Some rentals are too good to be true.

Director: Michele Taverna Producer: Cindy Nelson-Mullen Danny Rossner Michele Taverna David Shoshan Jim Steele Writer: Michele Taverna Kei Oishi Editor: Roberto Silvi Edward Brizio Cinematographer: Paul M. Sommers Composer: John Lissauer


25-year-old Danny Hill just got the opportunity of a lifetime. When his grandmother dies, he finds out he may be able to take over the lease on her sprawling rent-controlled apartment on Manhattan’s posh Upper West Side. The doorman and a lawyer convince him to lock himself in for 12 days, the time it will take to get the lease legally changed to Danny’s name. If he leaves the apartment, the landlord will most certainly not let him back in the building; they would go to great lengths to get market-rate tenants in there. Desperate not to return to his dump in Queens, Danny agrees. But once he’s locked in, Danny begins to hear strange noises. And unexplainable events start happening in apartment 1003: things he’s thrown away reappear, uninvited visitors show up at his door, while welcomed guests vanish unexpectedly. Danny may not be the only OCCUPANT. Perhaps he should have stayed in Queens.

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The Swerve

The Swerve – The dark secrets of Holly’s seemingly perfect life are exposed, when an intruder spins her life out of control. Holly seems to have it all: two kids, a nice house, a good job as a teacher, and a husband with his career on the way up. But there are troubling signs that all is not right in her world. The insomnia. The medication for the insomnia. The dreams from the medication for the insomnia. (Are they even dreams?) And then there’s the mouse that appears in her home. Upsetting her already delicate balance, it sends her spiraling out of control. Writer/director Dean Kapsalis’ feature debut explores a week in the life of a woman on the verge in this haunting meditation on mental illness. Starring Stars: Azura Skye, Bryce Pinkham, Ashley Bell

Best Horror Movies on YouTube

Free horror movies. What are the best horror movies on YouTube? Best horror movies on YouTube.

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