Best African Music Performance

by Kennedy Deedz

The Grammy Awards have announced the addition of a new category named “Best African Music Performance” before the upcoming 66th edition of the awards ceremony.

The Recording Academy has expanded the number of categories for the 66th Grammy Awards by including three new categories. These new categories are Best African Music Performance, Best Alternative Jazz Album, and Best Pop Dance Recording.

The new “Best African Performance” category introduced by the Recording Academy will acknowledge music recordings that incorporate regional and traditional elements. The category is not restricted to Afrobeats, Afro-Pop, Alte, Amapiano, and other genres. The Academy has expanded the range of musical genres represented in the awards ceremony to reflect the evolving musical landscape and respond to feedback from the music community. The Academy’s CEO expressed excitement at the prospect of honoring a wider range of artists and exposing a broader range of music to fans worldwide. Nigerian and African artists, who have been receiving recognition from the Grammys in recent years, are expected to receive more accolades due to the Academy’s commitment to ensuring that music communities are properly represented in their categories.

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Best African Music Performance

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