Avolver is a dynamic two-piece rock band based in Secunda, South Africa. Since their formation, they have been making waves with their high-energy performances and unique rock sound.

In 2022, Avolver released their debut EP titled “Monster,” receiving critical acclaim and establishing their presence in the music scene. Building on the success of their debut, Avolver is eagerly anticipating the release of their highly anticipated follow-up EP, “Madness,” set to captivate audiences this year.

Avolver’s music is characterized by its raw power and infectious energy. Drawing inspiration from both classic and modern rock influences, Avolver has crafted a signature style that is both nostalgic and refreshingly contemporary.

However, it is on stage where Avolver truly comes alive. Their live performances are renowned for their electrifying energy and volume. Their passion and dedication to their craft create an atmosphere that is impossible to resist, ensuring that each show leaves a lasting impression.

Stay tuned for more from Avolver as they continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their exhilarating music. For all inquiries, including bookings and press, please reach out to: avolverband@gmail.com


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