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Austin based female artist Avara will hook you with the first note. Her effortless vocal runs and hypnotic tone will leave you wanting more.

Avara’s Bio

A spiritual, experimental, and eclectic artist, music is a reflection of Avara’s highest self. Born a south-asian woman and the daughter of immigrants, she creates in the genre of R&B / Soul, intertwining a meditative state with acontemplative mindset, while offering catchy grooves. Avara’s music bridges gaps between worlds, having “one foot in many doors”, transversing genres. She grew up in NYC, grew up in Atlanta, and now lives in Austin, TX. She wants to show the world how beautiful her culture can be because she didn’t realize it as a child. She integrates her indian classical music training with her western / choral music background. Her music is a safe, healing space where there is no judgement or social pressures.

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