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Did you know that the hilarious actress Ashley Ottesen is a 2 time best actress recipient for her role in “A Love Not Lost?” Luckily for her fans she decided to take a proactive approach and give her followers more content! 🙂

“What does that even mean?”

Allow me to explain…

To sum up the life of a working actor. Your agent will send you an email with sides (a script of a scene) to self tape an audition. You’ll spend a little time going over the scene, set up your camera, your lighting, get someone to read the opposite lines for you, tape the audition…..about a million times.

Complete the audition by adding your slate, “Hi my name is Blah Blahski, I’m 6’0 tall and live in Nashville, TN”….which you redo about 5 times more than you should. Then you edit the audition and slate, upload your audition to actors access and ta-da!!!! Your work day as an actor is over. If you do not get the part….and after 200 auditions a year you begin to assume you won’t, you begin to think…’s a bummer that only 1 casting director sees that video I spent all that time and energy on. But not Ashley Ottesen ladies and gentlemen!! No no….she utilizes her ability to self tape and showcases her acting, writing, humor, and most of the time her videos feature herself acting as different characters, which is a talent in and of itself. If you’ve ever had to “act with a wall,” it’s hard to get the timing right…especially comedic timing. Keep up the good work Ashley! Your zillion followers look forward to your posts daily!

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Ashley Ottesen

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