ANAE (pronunciation: èh-nèy) is a collaboration of Arnan Natan & Anne Elise,
two Dutch artists traveling the world in an old VW LT van. Just combine the first letters of their names and there you have it: ANAE

ANAE writes, sings, produces and plays songs together, with a band or with people they meet on the way. The duo plays folk-jazz, combining folk and singersongwriter music with elements of jazz.


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Soon after the couple got married in 2016, they realized they didn’t live life to the fullest. They felt they’re made to create and discover more. So, three months later they bought a van and decided to quit their jobs and sell their stuff. In the summer of 2017 they wrote their first album ‘Clean Your Room’ and released it on the day they drove off. They left The Netherlands without saving a lot of money and having a destination. The newly weds just wanted to leave everything behind and go on an adventure without having any plans. ANAE took a step in faith, trusting that God would lead wherever they’d go. And that’s exactly what happened.

After traveling in their van for 1,5 years, ANAE released their second album ‘Home Is Where You Park It’ in 2019. Written on the road, this album takes its listeners on a personal journey, as Arnan & Anne share with you the things they learned and experienced while living life on the road….[read more]

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Indie artist couple lives out of their van

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