Ana Jansen

ana jansen

Ana Jansen is a 22-year-old artist born in Massachusetts and raised in Brazil. She is currently living in Dallas, Texas.

Ana has been involved with music since she was 5 years old when a friend of the family gave her an acoustic guitar as a gift. Ana started taking classes and writing her first songs back then.

Over time, her passion grew and she dove into different instruments (like electric guitar and drums) and also singing. At 13, she started a YouTube channel and after a while getting 100 views in each video, she started to see her videos hit 200k+ views (over 1.5M views total) and she reached over 30k subscribers.

At that time, she had recently changed schools and wasn’t able to keep the channel going, so she found other ways to still be involved with music — Ana started promoting parties and concerts and creating some music business experience!

In 2020 she decided it was time for her to go back to actually making music and started vocal coaching sessions again, decided to join Berklee College of Music, and kept working on her craft. Since then, she’s been writing over 4 songs a week now she has a big collection of songs ready to be shown to you!

From Ana, you can expect a fresh sound, mixing alternative pop with Brazilian music, and a lot of good and chill vibes! Every lyric she writes is a portrait of her own thoughts and experiences. Therefore, get ready for a lot of vulnerability, honesty, and authenticity.

Business-wise, one of her biggest goals is to give Brazilian music the visibility it deserves, and in the future, open doors to the amazing artists there are in Brazil. She believes there is a lot that could be accomplished by creating a stronger connection between Brazil’s and the US’s music industries.

Since 11/18/2022, she’s been releasing one song a week on all streaming platforms. Follow her on your favorite platform to check them out and stay tuned 🙂

Ana Jansen

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