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In the acting world what USUALLY happens, is before you even get to audition for the roles you’re dreaming about, you’re thrown like a cluster of sardines into the exhilarating world of being an “extra.” If the production is big enough you might then be SAG eligible, and if you play your cards right, you might just get a word with the Director. That word is… “background.” Because you have graduated from “sit there, shut the hell up, and don’t even think about breathing in the direction of the paid actors,” to “Well at least you’re not out of focus anymore.” At this point your exciting train to stardom is still docked at the station, but at least you have a boarding pass! But some people, like Ana De Armas, get on that Amtrack and leave everyone else in the dust! The first role Cuban actress Ana De Armas ever landed, was the lead role. And I am not talking about in her Havana Elementary School Play.

ana de armas
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Naturally Ana blew up from there! When you’ve got the “it” factor people can see it from miles away! I vividly remember learning about the “It” factor when I was auditioning for my middle school church drama club. That was the first year they actually started holding auditions. Every other year, people just volunteered….until I showed up…that’s just how much of a sh”it” factor really I have. At one point during the audition my buddy Matt Raessler and I were reading our monotone manuscripts and by the end of page 1 we had unknowingly switched characters…..”Wait…I thought I was discipling you?…” Although Matt and I did not make the Church of the City drama club, they did let us know about an exciting opportunity that had just opened up to pass out communion. So…never give up. Something a lot worse might be just around the corner. 🤣


Artist Writes and Records in Haunted Houses

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Ana De Armas

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