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The Travel Channel has been working to bring life back to Paranormal programming. After looking at the roster of upcoming shows and talent, it doesn’t take long to realize that they are working with some of the best paranormal talent from past shows. If I were to categorize this group of people, I’d say they are more than All Stars, they are they Elite…. “Seal Team Sixth Sense” if you will.

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Portals to Hell features Jack Osbourne (Haunted Highway) and Katrina Weidman (Paranormal State, Paranormal Lockdown) where they travel to some of the most sinister haunted locations they suspect could be gateways to the other side.

Kindred Spirits with Amy Bruni (Ghost Hunters) and Adam Berry (Ghost Hunters) takes you to family homes that are being tormented by spirit activity.

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Kindred Spirits – Travel Channel

Ghost Nation (working title) is with Jason Hawes (Ghost Hunters) Steve Gonsalves (Ghost Hunters) and Dave Tango (Ghost Hunters) Not much info on this show yet but with these 3 together it’s sure to be a good time!


Heather Taddy Paranormal State
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And finally, Travel has just announced that one of our favorites, Heather Taddy from Paranormal State, has a show coming out June 12, Alien Highway! In the series Taddy joins former law enforcement officer Chuck Zukowski and his son Daniel as they take a deep dive into some of the most mysterious UFO cases along America’s Alien Highway. Heather was nice enough to sit down with me so I could bombard her with questions about her findings.

Q: Tell me all the spoilers of the series, I promise I won’t say anything.

A: No

Although she was obligated by contract to keep her mouth shut…there was a twinkle in her eye that could only mean one thing….it’s allergy season. BUT, I also think she found some great evidence and I can’t wait to watch the series!! Keep up the good work Taddy Cakes!

Alien Highway, Portals to Hell, Ghost Nation,

Alien Highway

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