7274s – Named after an obscure anti-anxiety medication this pop rock duo formed in early 2020 just before the pandemic. Shane Arden (Vox & Bass), and Travis Baylor (Guitar, Drums) comprise the ‘writing’ team for the group, whereas, the live performances are anybody’s guess as to who shows up to help rock out.

The bands’ self-branded ‘junk rock’ styler of pop rock-n-roll is derived from their tendency to blend & mix various styles, sounds, and vibes that normally wouldn’t go together to create something new and exciting with every song. No sound or idea is useless – each piece can lead to something new and unexpected when writing music.

7274’s is meant to be an expressive, thought provoking, genuine to a fault – display of ‘in the moment creativity’, where we allow the song to dictate how things will be arranged and where the song will take us. We truly believe as an artist we should truly be inspired by by our own musical experience and the expression of that.

7274’s has just recently begun releasing some new material that was recorded over the past year and half. The first song – Low Hanging Fruit – premiered on YouTube in late May and within 24 hours had nearly 4000 views. The single premiered in mid-June on Spotify and to date has been streamed nearly 40,000 times.

We believe we can still make music that people will enjoy and want to listen to without compromising to the social media standards of creating content for the corporate machine…



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