A Walk in the Dark

A Walk in the Dark is a Nashville based band that writes and records all their music in haunted houses. One of the band members came up with the idea after having been the lead of a paranormal show on the Syfy Network that took him to some of the most haunted places in the world.

Starting in 2022 A Walk in the Dark plans to release a documentary and an EP every October featuring the haunted location they write in that year. This year the band stayed at a farmhouse that is said to be haunted because of a murder that took place on the property. Viewers will get a behind the scenes look as the band uses the location’s history, mystery, and their paranormal experiences to write their songs. The working title of the annual documentary is “The Haunted Tapes.”

Synopsis: The Haunted Tapes premiere is about the lead of a former paranormal show on the Syfy Network that pitches the series idea, “Artists stay in haunted houses seeking inspiration for their next Album.” Every network turned down the idea… but having grown up in a small town with big talent, Franklin, TN, he dusts off his guitar, collaborates with other Franklin locals, and shoots the pilot himself.

The notable names have footage and pictures in the documentary from growing up in Franklin, but they are not the featured artists writing the music. While shooting the documentary in a haunted house in Tennessee, Austin begins to reconnect with old band mates from Franklin to form “A Walk in the Dark.” These are musicians that were on the cusp of “making it” years ago, but were overshadowed by the blinding talent in Franklin.

After completing the documentary, producers were not only interested in the series, but also the music written by A Walk in the Dark.


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