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Spotify Playlist Submission gives independent artists a free way to submit their music to Spotify playlists. Artists do not need an account to submit.

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5 Replies to “Spotify Playlist Submission”

  1. Here is another song I submitted called You + Love:

    Few songs capture the euphoria of marital bliss like Daniel Rosenfarb’s ‘You + Love.’ A jubilant indie-pop track with shades of Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, its intimate lyrics detail the little moments that make a relationship special. Daniel draws on his musical theatre background to deliver an undeniably lovable vocal performance. ‘You + Love’ is a feel-good anthem that will connect with anyone who has ever been in love.

  2. Hi there,

    Here is a link to a song I submitted:

    At The Right Time is an Indie/Pop song written by singer-songwriter Daniel Rosenfarb. This song gives hope to the seemingly apathetic but hopelessly romantic individual who just need a little nudge to once again believe. This story-song is an autobiography about someone who has almost given up on love, but comes to find that sometimes it is waiting to reveal itself at just The Right Time!

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