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I’ve always been a fan of good guerrilla, grassroots, indie marketing. As we all know being talented isn’t always enough. There have been plenty of ridiculously talented bands that have never made it. Growing up in Franklin, the one that comes to mind for me is “Cecil.” Even though they ranged from only 14 to 18 years old, they would pack Nashville venues. Which was often a conflict because some of the venues were 21 and up…and the talent wasn’t even 21. One of their biggest fans was the guitarists girlfriend, Katy Perry. Their next biggest fans were the little brothers of Cecil’s bassist and guitarist. They started their own band with some local brothers Josh Farro and Zac Farro, and a singer that had just moved to Franklin from Mississippi, Hayley Williams. They called themselves Astrophel until changing their name to the bassist of Cecil’s mom’s maiden name, Paramore. Paramore went on to do incredible things! Cecil’s guitarist, Justin York, even joined his brother, Taylor York, on stage playing for Paramore. For some reason though, Cecil never took off. They were influential in many circles, but raw talent never catapulted them into stardom.

Indie Marketing
Paramore ~ Fueled by Ramen

On another musically sobering note, I just read a post by the Submit Hub Founder stating –

“One of the main problems with Spotify playlists (including the Editorial ones) is that Spotify listeners tend to be pretty passive with their listening behavior. Many simply find a playlist, hit shuffle play, and put it on in the background. And that makes it difficult for you to develop genuine relationships / build a fanbase from playlisting. Folks who get added to big Editorial playlists will often see a big overnight boost in listeners, only to have it completely disappear when they’re removed from the playlist a week or two later. The sticking power just isn’t there.”

I’m all about networking and community, artists helping out other artists. But also, as an indie artist, you are competing to stand out from millions of other artists trying to do the exact same thing that you are. What makes you stand out? Talent? That might get you on a playlist for a little bit then you are back to the grind.

A great way to stand out as an indie artist is to create creative indie marketing campaigns. This is the reason Virmedius creates campaigns like The Haunted Tapes. If this idea is too odd for you, we completely understand. But let me break down this specific idea:

guerrilla marketing

Because of my involvement with a tv show on the Syfy Network years ago, my site and channels receive a good amount of traffic from people looking up paranormal content, especially during Halloween. Film and music go hand in hand so I wanted to figure out a way to market indie music to the incoming traffic. I landed on an idea where we film artists at haunted locations writing their next ballad.

So instead of an indie marketing campaign solely based on “my song is good, you should listen.” Your music is played to a bunch of people as a soundtrack to a video featuring a behind the scenes look at how you write your music. And it has more of a hook because it’s set in a really cool vibey location and viewers are glued to the screen wondering if something scary is about to happen at the haunted house. And of course the bonus is….if you really are talented, then you will get new fans. 🙂

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