Selling a Haunted House

When selling a haunted house, do you need to disclose that the house is haunted? I’m assuming this rule / law varies from State to State as each State has it’s own set of laws in dealing with real estate transactions. I have had my license in TN for almost 12 years and I always search the keyword “haunted” and nothing shows up, ha!

I wonder if including that a house is haunted would increase traffic or deter potential buyers?

My producer pitched a series idea where I help people sell their Haunted Houses. And in some cases, I buy the houses myself and do all the renovations, then sell. Apparently no networks were interested in my House Haunters idea.

Oh well…life goes on. 🙂 Here’s an episode of The Haunted. Filmed in Columbia, TN with Heather Taddy

The Haunted Farmhouse in Columbia TN


Artists stay in Haunted Houses seeking inspiration for their next song.

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