Dark Continent

Soon Be Gone

Sometimes something unexpected and beautiful comes from an unexpected direction. Soon be gone marks a completely new idea and feeling from Dark Continent. New influences and musical tools have shaped a new sound where their characteristic melancholic tone has been repackaged. Something has happened during the pandemic, something wonderful. Ola Mohlin’s characteristic voice has been given a new depth which, together with Dark Continent’s melodies, creates a magic you cannot defend yourself against. In short, Soon be gone is a piece of art that you want to consume again and again.

Dark Continent rised from the dead in 2013 and has since then eagerly provided the world with music. Since the new start in 2013, the band has been diligent. The album “Songs About Love & Depression” was released in 2017. A number of EPs and singles have been produced both before and after the full-length. Dark Continent is known for its visual live shows that can almost be characterized as live art.

Dark Continent is a Swedish indie rock band that was formed in 1986. The band released 2 albums: Hypocrites for breakfast (1989) & Lunch at the back of beyond (2002). Dark Continent toured extensively and achieved some success on MTV with the single Reaching for Purity.

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