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NEW SUBMISSIONS: In addition to our Spotify and YouTube Playlists we are now accepting submissions for Live Videos to release and promote you on our YouTube Channel and Website. The more simple the video, the better! Even if it’s just you performing in a vibey room in your house. We love showing off your raw talent! Just upload your video to Google Drive, then copy and paste the link in the space where it asks for your Google Drive link above.



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  1. This is a link to my song called Take a Walk. If there’s anything I can do in return for the playlist add let me know and I will accommodate thanks. ps i’m not on Spotify yet because I leased the beat and the contract disallows Spotify until I pay more to upgrade the license. the current license supports YouTube which is were you can find my song in the link below. I will be upgrading my incense as I get more plays.

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