Travel The Dead

Portals to Hell star Katrina Weidman and Paranormal State’s Heather Taddy have been reunited to bring fans a new series, TRAVEL THE DEAD. Heather and Katrina began working together on the A&E show Paranormal State when they were in college at Penn State. Katrina then went on to co star in Paranormal Lockdown with Ghost Adventure’s star Nick Groff. What many do NOT know is that Heather is one of the reasons Katrina was on Paranormal Lockdown. Nick was the executive producer of a pilot that Heather and I were filming in Virginia City, Nevada. One night he was talking about his new series Paranormal Lockdown, and Heather selflessly mentioned Katrina…and the rest is paranormal history. Heather could have EASILY said…”yeah I’ll do it!” But she recommended her friend instead. Heather is a Class Act!

After Paranormal Lockdown Katrina started another paranormal show, Portals to Hell, with Jack Osbourne. Portals to Hell is still airing and they are taping a new season now. Heather’s generosity would come full circle when Katrina asked her to fill in on the show for the dates she could not make it due to covid travel restrictions. It’s common to hear people talk about the bond of a brotherhood….but that’s nothing compared to this bond of ghoulfriends…..Nailed it…(I stole part of that from Katrina’s note at the end of this post, so I can’t take full credit)

The Haunted – Coming October 1, 2021

Paranormal Streaming

With every major network hopping on the Streaming Boat, it only makes sense that established talent would release their own content on YouTube. After all…YouTube is the most trafficked streaming platform. YouTube gives creators the ability to create their own content to release to the masses for free. Audiences are then able to find the videos without even being a follower/fan. YouTube works more as a search engine than a social media platform. Meaning… after you post a video, YouTube will index the info provided with the video so that it shows up during relevant searches, and your video has the ability to gain organic traffic for years to come. Unlike traditional social media posts…where the post is completely irrelevant the week after posting.

For example –

I have 27k followers on one of my Instagram accounts. I have not posted anything in a while. Today I received 0 likes or views on any of my Instagram posts.

The Virmedius YouTube Channel only has 1,116 subscribers BUT today I’ve had 476 organic views from videos I’ve posted in the last year. I have not posted a video in 5 months and I am not marketing any videos, so this is all organic traffic.

It’s Not About The Money

When it comes to a Paranormal TV Series…it’s never about the money. In a lot of cases it’s a labor of love for the paranormal. Therefore it makes perfect sense that many are creating their own content to release on YouTube.

And from a marketing perspective…having a series snowball into success is far more appealing than having a series, that could turn out pretty cheesy, released to the masses.

Here is a message from one of Katrina‘s Posts –

Travel The Dead

Come Travel The Dead with me and my best ghoul-pal (too much?) Heather Taddy @tadd_to_the_bone (Paranormal State, Alien Highway)! Subscribe to my YouTube channel ( to catch the premiere of this creepy investigative journey Sept. 8, 2021 Yes, portals to hell is still happening 👻😘

Katrina Weidman

UPDATE: September 8, 2021

We were ready to Travel The Dead tonight, but circumstances beyond my control has caused me to pause the start of this journey. A sincere heartfelt thank you from me, Heather, and our amazing team for the outpouring of excitement and support you’ve shown us for TTD. The response was never something I expected and I deeply thank you for that. You guys make me want to keep going. We have other projects in the works and as soon as I’m able to I can’t wait to share them with you. ❤️

Katrina Weidman

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