Top 5 Binge Worthy Comedies on Netflix

Great News

Rough Day? Great News will quickly turn that frown upside down. A mom comes out of retirement to intern at her daughters news station. Each episode you will catch yourself saying….”That is my mom.” It is one of the most underrated shows that has been on TV. Luckily for Netflix subscribers, it is ready for your consumption.

Schitt’s Creek

A wealthy Beverly Hills family is stripped of their wealth and left to slum it in the small town of, “Schitt’s Creek.” Follow the Rose family as they fight to get back on their feet…or at least their knees, in one of the funniest, laugh out loud comedies gracing the Netflix stream waves.

The Crew

Kevin James (King of Queens) plays a crew chief to a struggling Nascar team which has been handed off to the owners daughter. The Crew’s comedic timing mirrors that of King of Queens which has many people…not complaining at all!

The Good Place

This feel good, star studded comedy takes place at the only place that has more questions than answers, the afterlife.

Space Force

Steve Carell (The Office) plays a general in the elite military unit “Space Force.” His character is exactly what you are imagining and it works perfectly.

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