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To submit your song to our Spotify Playlists for FREE there are 2 quick steps: 

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While Virmedius was working with a record label, the label kept emphasizing the value of Spotify Playlists.

I’m not saying that we’ve “cracked the code,” but we are getting some good results. One thing we have noticed, it’s better not to have all your eggs in one basket. A lot of times, efforts from one platform can trickle down to the others.

If you are an indie artist or band looking for some good organic results, we would love to help you. Here are some areas where we can help:

  • Organic Spotify Plays
  • Organic YouTube Views
  • We will repost your Instagram posts to our owned Instagram Accounts – Virmedius, Who Knew Media, Native Nest, Artist Development Network, Muletowning, Box Nash, Country Music Awards, Micrommercials
  • We will retweet your tweets to our owned Twitter Accounts – Virmedius, Who Knew Media, Native Nest, Back 21, Muletowning, Box Nash, Market Media
  • We will repost your Facebook posts to the Virmedius Facebook Page
  • We will post articles on


If you are interested in working with Virmedius please email


Here are some results after working with us for only 3 months.

Before adding Young Water to our YouTube Playlists and marketing the song/video it had 580 views. After 3 months it gained 3,545 views.

Safari Room

Before adding Young Water to our Spotify Playlists it had less than 1,000 plays and after 3 months they had 3,016 plays.

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