Safari Room – Look Me Up When You Get There


Friends et all, in celebration of our record releasing on Friday, we present to you our stripped down version of ‘131’ recorded from the safety of our homes. Enjoy and share! And get ready for 7/24. Incredibly excited to have “Look Me Up When You Get Here” out in the world for you to hear!


About Safari Room

After packing up from Nebraska and moving to Nashville to attend Belmont University in 2013, Alec Koukol called on his friends, Emma Lambiase and Simon Knudtson, to embark on a new musical journey. Together, the trio recorded a three-song EP, composed of songs Koukol had written over prior years. The music was recorded under the band name, and quasi-pseudonym, Safari Room. The self-titled EP went unreleased until late 2016, then was reissued in 2018. Within that time, the band pursued other musical endeavors, not taking the Safari Room name to the Nashville stages quite yet. 


In early 2018, the band went back into the studio to record the next big step for Safari Room with the intention to bring Safari Room to the public stage and make waves in the world of indie rock. Actual Feelings — EP was born. With new songs under the band’s belt, Safari Room (now a quartet with the addition of guitarist, Chris Collier), took to local stages and began to gain notoriety.

In July 2018, Safari Room released Actual Feelings — EP, and was praised for a sturdy first step into the Nashville indie scene:


“[Actual Feelings] runs the gamut of feelings many experience in times of introspection and growth. Koukol hopes the EP will serve as something of a blueprint for any and all experiencing their own crisis of confidence, in turn coming out on the other side as realized as he (and his Safari Room band-mates) has.” – Now/It’s Nashville

‘”Glass Box” from their debut EP represents loneliness and time passing, while “Vices” from the Actual Feelings EP goes happier and more cathartic with the theme of knowing where you need to be.” – The Deli Magazine


The release and reception of Actual Feelings — EP was inspiring and solidified Safari Room’s strong foothold in a rather busy music city. After that release, Safari Room continued to pound the pavement, playing shows around Nashville and quickly amassing a fanbase in their newfangled hometown. But they didn’t stop there. 

Throughout Fall 2018, the band worked on recording music to serve as a follow-up to the first two EPs and a springboard into the next chapter of Safari Room. At this time, the seat at the drums was passed to Austin Drewry, bringing an excited new flair to the band. The updated lineup went on to release single, “Around the Bend” in November 2018 and “One Day Here” in February 2019. The latter became a focus of acclaim for the band’s unique sound:


“The trick with Safari Room is that if you’re one of those listeners that gives a song 30-seconds, and only 30-seconds, you’re going to miss out… Harmony highlights with soaring guitar beneath them give way to an unfurling of layers of round-robin vocals. There’s a deceptiveness to the Safari Room catalog of goods that should be approached with care. Judge too quickly and you’ll miss out on the best parts.” – We Own This Town

Both singles have landed the band in blogs and playlists all over the world, teasing a larger, bulk release that is currently in the works. These singles capture the raw and emotional spirit of Safari Room. Discussions of love and loss thread through the two singles. “Around the Bend” discusses the cyclical, ebb and flow of human interaction; finding ourselves at wits end with people we used to be close to, and wanting to return to better times.

Speaking to the deep content of “One Day Here,” Koukol was quoted by The Indie Folx Blog in February 2019: “Whether it’s the loss of a close friend, relationship, or someone for good. In a flash, people in our lives can disappear, and it bewilders the mind on how to react… Our purpose is to dig into these deep times to help find answers and seek some semblance of comfort. We hope it can provide the same for our listeners.” The solemn and emotional content is a large characteristic of Safari Room’s music. As connection is one of the founding principles of the band, Koukol seeks to weave tricky mental patterns and hardships through soundscapes and head-bobbing grooves. 

Spring 2019 held two more releases for Safari Room, both of which were live recordings. The band teamed up with local, Nashville arts collective OOKO STUDIOS. The group’s live, stripped-down sessions were in hopes of bringing the listener closer to the song and artist. Safari Room’s “Ooko Session (Live)” was released in April 2019.   


“The EP serves as a nice glimpse into the live capacity of a band that has been putting out consistently slick studio releases for the past few years. Unsurprisingly, they manage to sound every bit as polished.” — We Own This Town


Following the OOKO Session Live — EP, Safari Room released a single that rang a little more true to the huge sound of the band’s live show. Recorded with Nashville engineer Don Bates, “Thoughtful Introspection,” was released in June 2019. This live single marked the beginning of the next chapter of Safari Room, promising aggressive touring through the rest of the year and another larger release past that. 


“It’s the end of the song with burgeoning vocals, backed by a transfixing guitar & drum riff, which launches Safari Room into a new dimension, pivoting the band away from soft indie pop to dynamic rock. “Thoughtful Introspection” joins the movement in defying the typical verse/chorus/bridge formula, further proving that a song doesn’t need a specific structure to be great.” – The Deeper Dig


Safari Room spent Summer 2019 on the road in monthly tours, spreading connection and their variety of indie rock through the Midwest and Southeast. The band will continue to tour through the rest of 2019 and has even bigger plans for 2020. 



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