Tennessee Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing is different than traditional marketing. Not only is it important to be versed in listings & lingo, but there are also marketing regulations enforced by the National Association of Realtors.

Virmedius has a leg up on the competition as it is owned and operated by a Realtor who has had his Tennessee Real Estate license for over 10 years.

We pride ourselves in working with some of the best Agents & Brokerages in the State of Tennessee!!


Social Media Posts

Whenever you have a New Listing, Open House, Closing, etc Virmedius will create and post to your Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, tag the (listing/closing) agent and add appropriate hashtags to enhance visibility. We also keep up with Middle TN trends and happenings in order to post and make your profile a hub for relevant Middle Tennessee information.

Create engaging videos of each listing with your logo, agent, and listing info in order to keep compliant with NAR

Photos are a good starting point but short videos receive more views and engagements than photos. Here is an Instagram account of a Real Estate company that we created from scratch. We grew their following, create content and post:

Then we post them to YouTube because the YouTube platform works as a Search Engine.

Instagram & Twitter Growth

Instagram & Twitter are the best platforms to use to grow your following. We will grow your following targeting relevant followers in order to grow your audience of people that will be more likely to have an interest in your posts/listings. These are not bought/fake followers. When I started SilverPointe Properties’ Instagram and Twitter accounts they did not have any followers and now they have over 6,000 between both platforms.

Share Facebook posts, videos & listings to Middle Tennessee Facebook Groups to get more exposure for each listing & post

Facebook groups are a good way to not only get your listing more views but also show that you are active!

Share your posts to realtor and design Instagram & Twitter accounts

Virmedius owns multiple Real Estate and Design based social media accounts and we will share your posts to our accounts to get your accounts and listings more exposure.

Posts on reddit group Tennessee Real Estate (Virmedius owns this group)

Post to YouTube channel Tennessee Real Estate (Virmedius owns this channel)

YouTube works more as a search engine than social media platform. In other words, after we post a video on YouTube if we have the video, description, and tags set up properly, it has the capability to come up on a search result when someone googles “Houses in Franklin, TN.” We will make sure the videos are set up correctly to attract more attention

Paid Facebook Ads

Depending on monthly budget we will create Facebook Ads for your listings to show your Client/Seller that you are going above and beyond to market their house.

Blog posts

It’s important to come up with topics to write quick articles about and post to a blog so that when people search popular topics, your article shows up making sure they know you are the go to person on the topic.

Help make agent pages on your Brokerage website a place where agents can lead potential clients if they do not have a website of their own.

Giving an agent a place to direct people on Your website has many benefits.

  • It eliminates the task and cost of having to create a website for the Agent
  • Gives the Agent a sense of ownership in the Brokerage
  • Creates more traffic to the Brokerage website

Help updating agent head shots when needed

We also have the capability to produce videos which typically receive much more engagements than other videos


If you are interested in working with Virmedius, please fill out this form and we will be in contact shortly!

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