Evolving After Corona

The Coronavirus Pandemic has forced many industries to evolve productivity in order to feel any sort of momentum. Some are wondering if this will reshape how some companies operate.


Will there be an uptick of productivity that leaves a percentage of the workforce to work from home? There have been many conversations weighing the pro’s and con’s some of which are eliminating drive time to and from work, unproductive banter between co-workers, an hour for lunch, etc Can some employees function as effectively on their own? As long as they meet their goals it doesn’t seem there would be an issue.

The same innovation goes for the Entertainment Industry.


Artists are getting creative by hosting Facebook Live shows while quarantined. It’s a great way to keep people entertained while everyone keeps with the social distancing narrative. Many artists are taking advantage of the down time in order to write and record.

JD Eicher – I Don’t Want to Be Right (Live+Stripped)

Movies theaters have implemented a direct release option through Fandango, actors are strictly self taping their auditions, annnnd Amazon and Zoom are killing it 🙂

This will be an interesting subject to watch and see which industries create a “New Normal.”



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