World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt – Pennhurst Asylum

The 2 hour special aired on A&E the night before Halloween and I have to admit….I was hooked immediately. The talent was incredible, they were all very natural and didn’t go overboard trying to be too serious or sell themselves as “the best ghost hunter.” The special also did not follow the same formula and outline as the other Paranormal shows which really made it stand out.

A team of 5 paranormal investigators stayed at the notoriously haunted & condemned Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City, Pennsylvania for 2 weeks in order to see if they could catch any Paranormal Activity. Some of the team had never met before which created a very interesting dynamic, no drama, but very similar to a regular reality tv show.

The special was produced by Morgan Freeman’s Revelations Entertainment. No wonder it was great!

World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt: A&E

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