Aaron B Thompson – Santa Monica

New Song from Aaron B Thompson – Santa Monica



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I grew up slow. That’s likely the reason I’m a late bloomer at this music thing. My story is one of a lot of failure, but that only gave me inspiration. In my twenties I spent most of time with drugs and alcohol, I was living like a rock star only I wasn’t writing any songs. All I ended up creating were problems for myself and those that loved me. When I decided to get sober I began to use music as a therapy. Then as I dabbled enough in songwriting it became clear that I had something to say that maybe others would connect with. After all addictions effect 1 in 10 people in North America.

You don’t have to have an addiction to connect with these songs though. I like to write in a way that allows you to put your own story in it; a personal narrative. Maybe you think of someone you love or miss when you’re hearing my songs. That’s all I want… for all of us to experience something together so we can pass through it together. You aren’t alone…

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