Jed Craddock’s Debut EP

A message from Jed: I’m starting on this fantastic journey to record my first EP, “Prison in Paradise,” at Plaid Dog Studio in Boston, MA! I’ve been working really hard on new songs to share with you. Sometimes, it seems like the songs are coming up so fast that it’s like musical chairs in my head! I’ve already recorded one new song for you to stream for free below called “Space + Time.” Your support will help get me back to the studio in Boston to record the rest of the tracks and take this EP to the next level!


While I’ve been able to fund the recording process for “Space + Time” on my own, to create an EP of this quality, studio costs add up quickly. With that said, this campaign can give us a unique opportunity to collaborate and make great art together. Your donation will cover following costs of my project:

1. Pre-Production: This is where everything starts. Bryan and I will polish the arrangements for each of the songs that will go on Prison in Paradise. We’ll hold rehearsals to fine-tune the songs to clutch status and talk through exciting ideas for how to approach the recording process.

2. Recording: This is when we enter the studio and start laying down the music. It’s where the songs become what you’ll hear on Prison in Paradise. This campaign will play a huge role in making sure we have enough time to capture great performances for every instrument and song.

3. Mixing & Mastering: Each song will get mixed to create the right balance between instruments, texture, and color that make up a track. As a final step, the album will be mastered from beginning to end so the listening experience is cohesive and carefully choreographed from start to finish. This part of the process takes these tracks from individual songs to pieces of a bigger picture, so you’ll be able to hear the story I want these songs to share with you.

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